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We facilitate and develop Sustainable Behavioural Change in individuals, teams and organisations.

We convert Potential into Performance!


We are passionate about helping individuals, teams and organisations reach their potential.


We seek to assist individuals, teams and organisations to reach their potential by providing unique and innovative solutions.


We are highly regarded, experienced and skilled facilitators and coaches.

Why How Who

Organisational Resilience

We believe that the most sustainable successful organisations are also organisations that are resilient. Resilient Organisations are those that display a dominant constructive culture of accountability, highly effective and impactful leadership, and equip their leaders and people to be resilient. TLC Solutions has developed a suite of tools and interventions that assist an organisation to be resilient. Equip your leaders with the skills and capability to have mental health conversations and to build resilience in their teams and the organisation.

Team Development

We believe that together is better than alone.  We understand the keys to dynamic team development and we wish to share this with our clients. TLC Solutions offers a number of team development solutions aimed at maximising both individual and group potential and outcomes. Develop the trust and commitment in your team with the assistance from our experienced facilitators and coaches.

Leadership & Management Development

Developing your leadership and management capability is critical for your success as a leader and manager in any industry.  TLC Solutions offers a number of facilitated workshops and leadership training solutions for both new and experienced leaders. Expand your knowledge and skills in leadership and management with the assistance of our range of solutions.

Performance Enhancement

We are passionate about reaching high performance and are dedicated to assisting our clients to reach their full potential.  We provide performance enhancing solutions for individuals, teams and organisations.  Start your journey toward high performance supported by our range of performance solutions.


Each member of our team is a registered Psychologist with extensive coaching experience.  TLC Solutions offers clients coaching solutions founded on the principles of coaching psychology, cognitive – behaviour psychology and psychological principles of growth and development. Explore and reach your potential with the assistance of our experienced Coaches.

Self Awareness

To set the foundation for leadership and management development, it is essential that a leader and manager has a sound understanding of self. We can assist you and your team or organisation increase your self-awareness.  Engage with our solutions and eliminate your blind spots.

Our Purpose:

To partner with leaders in organisations to create mindful, purpose driven behaviour that delivers a sustainable performance culture.

Our Values:

Our core values are Improvement, Generosity, Interdependence and Integrity. We strive to live by these values, not only in the way in which we work but also in our personal lives. The values are embedded in both our business processes and the manner by which we engage with our clients.

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Leadership Survey Results

Top Attributes
1. Trustworthy
2. Honest
3. Ethical
Top Behaviours
1. Leads by example
2. Able to communicate and sell their vision
3. Understands the people they are leading
How do you stack up?

" As a facilitator Greg is engaging, professional and supportive. Equipped with bespoke models built on scientific clinical data and "real world" leaders TLC is able to provide insight into individuals and teams. "


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