We are absolutely committed to the well-being of our clients, our team, and our families, and as such are taken the advice from the various valid sources very seriously.  We have been working closely with our clients, some for more than a month, to discuss options and requirements going forward.  

We are very conscious that much of our delivery has been face to face, including our leadership programs, coaching, team coaching and consulting services.  We are now offering all our clients alternatives to face to face delivery through either managed social distance solutions or video conferencing facilities.  We already have a number of our clients who are taking us up on these options, thereby continuing to offer the development through this time, while at the same time protecting the health of the individuals and the organisation. Our solutions include:

  • Virtual individual coaching through virtual conferencing platforms
  • Virtual group coaching (small groups of 4 to 5 people) 
  • Virtual facilitated workshops using virtual conferencing platforms

Summary of our programs on offer:

  1. Leading and Managing Remote Teams: Click here to download flyer

  2. Leading Teams Through Crisis in a VUCA World: Click here to download flyer

  3. Managing the Well-being Through COVID-19: Click here to download flyer

  4. Making Working-From-Home Work: Click here to download flyer

  5. Time for Action is NOW: Click here to download flyer


We will work with each of you to identify specifically the challenges your leaders and team members are experiencing and tailor virtual solutions that will meet the expectations and requirements of your organisation.

Our goal is to support all of our clients through this time to be able to navigate the upcoming months as successfully as possible.

Please contact us to arrange a time for a video call and discuss your specific needs.